About Us

As result of a poor economy companies have shed sales support services and have pushed the responsibilities that were previously provided by sales support roles to sales people, including pre-sales survey, data collection and management, prospecting and qualification, and follow-up retention.

At the same time sales people are being asked to maintain and increase quotas, in effect to do much more with a lot less.

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    Chief Executive Officer


    Kelvin has been heavily invested in the Market Research and Lead Generation space for the past 14 years. He has been extensively involved in the Strategic, developmental, analytical, operational and managerial aspects of this industry and has a unique and critical role here at LeadsBIXample. He ensures that the company is never out of touch with the best practices of the Executive Appointment Setting and Lead Generation marketplace.

    Prior to LeadsBIXample, in the capacity of VP of Strategy and Business Development, he had the dual responsibility for managing both the strategic direction of the firm and its business development activities. This combination of daily client-facing work coupled with his internal responsibility to help “steer the ship”, affected a significant increase in the firm’s market share and client base. In that role Kelvin also developed and executed the internal and external business development models to meet the criteria of a Premium appointment setting firm.

    Also, in the capacity of Director of Operations, Kelvin created and implemented strategies that evolved a five-person lead generation company into a full-scale business development firm – doubling the company’s revenue in two years. Working at a start-up means that you need the skill sets and commitment to manage, coordinate, create and analyze everything – everyday!

    Because of his passion for Strategy and ‘getting it right the first time’, Kelvin pursued and received his Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University, another fantastic benefit for both LeadsBIXample and the clients we serve. He is a Zealot about Analysis and is Fanatical about an Economic and Efficient Process. Above all, he is a Great Communicator and a Client Enthusiast.

    Whenever we are in the discovery stages of new projects or working on new ideas for a client program; and want to ensure that all the right questions are asked and that the right issues are being covered, Kelvin takes on the role of “client advocate.” This role ensures that at the end of the process, it is our clients who achieve the highest and best outcomes.


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    Chief Operating Officer


    COO at LeadsBIXample. Sales and Marketing executive with over 40 years in software and system design, primarily for the transportation and telecommunications industries.  Held positions in technology, development, marketing and sales.  Long term global assignments in Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark and Japan.  Ability to interface with all levels of management, press interviews, conferences and tours.  Accomplished leader in Public Relations communications, coordinating media plans and able to develop and execute large press and analyst relations strategies. Exceptional ability to develop and maintain influential relationships.

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    Chief Commercial Officer


    As  Chief Commercial Officer for LeadsBIXample, Michael Morris directs strategy, marketing, sales, solutions development, and key growth strategies.

    Previously, Michael served in lead sales roles where he trained new business development reps and helped to change the methodologies in place at Lead Generation firms that catered to companies such as Avaya, Nortel, Microsoft, and Oracle.

    Michael joined LeadsBIXample in 2010 to serve as Operations Director where he was responsible for assisting Kelvin Francis in building the strong foundation that the company stands on.

    A native of the Greater Philadelphia Area, Michael is a classically trained music producer, a certified dog trainer, and part time web designer.


Our Humble Beginnings.

LeadsBIXample was born out of necessity not out of opportunity.

After the recession and the subsequent shedding of back office support by many companies, a great need arose for external sales support services. What wasn’t evident was the disparity of the quality of opportunity provided to the larger corporations as opposed to everyone else. The mid-market was totally priced out of a legitimate solution. Their options were the cheap, unsustainable and ineffective resources posing as a solution.

True story from our CEO and the point he decided to make a change:

“In a prior capacity at a primer BD firm catering to the Fortune 2500, we provided weekly sales appointments for a leading telecom service provider. After months of chasing on particular lead and pushing a team to convert it, we provided that client a (six figure) sales ready opportunity. We were very excited to learn of the outcome. To our dismay, we later found out that our client never called nor followed up on that lead and spent large sums on BD, not for sales opportunities but to utilize a budget in order to regain it at the same capacity the following year”

That was unacceptable to him and his team, and thus lead to change

He realized that most mid-tier businesses would move mountains for this kind of opportunity and decided then and there to create a model to level the opportunity playing field for them. By using some key principles of Six Sigma as part of the strategy and client retention as the goal, we are able to provide the mid-market an intelligent enterprise level solution at a mid-market rate.