LinkedIn Accelerator Program Trial

LinkedIn Accelerator Program – One Week – Complimentary 



We leverage the premium feature of Sales Navigator (LinkedIn gives you a month free) and our in-house automation software to send out 100 connection requests paired with a message a day to relevant prospects.

This request can incorporate a specific message to be sent out that includes a link to your website, and an open ended question or a link to your calendar.



  • In one week, we will be sending 500 messages from your account.
  • On average, 20% of these prospects will join your network.
  • Depending upon your offering, it is typical for some prospects to request a conversation from you directly.
  • When a prospect joins your network, you will have their e-mail address and in some cases, their direct cell phone numbers / work numbers with an extension.


This strategy works using the principle of permission marketing (used by companies like Amazon), and is meant to create a warm, opt-in database. 

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