Start Your Project

When we say that we have solutions for start up to enterprise companies – we really mean it.

We offer the following three options to our clients:

Custom Appointment Setting Pilot Program

Who typically chooses this option?   Anyone who embraces the pilot concept. This is ideal for a firm that is new to the outsourced business development concept, or may have tried it in the past with mixed results and needs a ‘proof of concept’ before committing to a long term engagement. Guess what? We agree. It makes sense to determine whether or not we can hit your marks, provide quality based on your criteria, represent you appropriately and create the confidence necessary to move forward with us. These projects run between 12 – 24 weeks and are designed to operate within budgets, through change control, and around vacations to attain the best possible and complete outcomes allowable. It’ll allow you to evaluate us, control your spend and determine the kind of relationship you choose to have with us in the future.

B2B Business Development Packages

Who typically chooses this option? Our past clients and sales professionals with experience and confidence in this arena, who know what they want, have done it before and require us to support their agenda. Our representatives need no learning curve when assigned to these packages. Our success lies within the strategy we use and it transcends all industries and verticals. Your selection should factor in your target market, prospect buying cycle and your sales cycle. You’ll like this: with the Business Development package, you also will be afforded the flexibility to shift the resources to support any additional sales agendas like webinars, trade shows, etc. that you deem essential.

Build Your Own Project

Who is this best for?  Companies who piece together sales support projects on their own terms.  If you have a webinar or trade show and just need bandwidth to drive traffic to and follow up after – or a new product/territory launch and you want to do some recon in a certain area for a certain period – or just some lead qualifying or nurturing – simply purchase components that make sense to that agenda.

We give you the ability to pick from our options a price point that works, coordinator level you deem necessary, offering that applies to your agenda, and a duration that fits your timeline.