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No matter your budget or target audience, we have a solution for you. Our Appointment Setting Pilot Program is the ideal mixture of

Sales Qualified Leads and Marketing Qualified Leads.

Our Services At A Glance

Sales Qualified Leads

When we seek out a qualified lead, they are based solely on one kind of criteria: Yours.

Our process starts by us understanding our client’s business and objectives and together defining what success means during each project. Our clients also will provide us four questions that we can ask each prospect to better qualify them.

We will then procure a database on your behalf if none exists, at cost, and begin setting ‘real’ sales appointments that have the Budget Authority Need and Timing factors to be considered a sound opportunity for your sales staff.

What’s best is that when we commit to a number, we do so with a money back guarantee in place on most projects to negate any risk for your company.

Market Qualified Leads

We look forward to working with you to define what a MQL should look like for your business.

For example; Creating awareness, interest, consideration and intent may involve a white paper, case study, research report, or tech marketing distribution.Our clients save time and resources by allowing us to provide the bandwidth, distribution, collection, and dissemination of these functions.

If available, we prefer anecdotal feedback from your sales  department to develop not only demographic/firmographic qualifiers but behavioral qualification as well.

By distributing content at the lower levels of a company and working our way up, we create a sound pipeline for execution and uncover what prospects are interested in and how urgent their issues are.

LeadsBIXample Accelerator

LinkedIn has a wonderful premium feature called Sales Navigator, however, most people find it to be a little less than viable – until we step in.

Our winning strategy hinges on a model that is not often found in the B2B space – Permission Marketing.

By deploying 150 connection requests a day paired with a message, from your account, we get your ideal prospects to “raise their hands”  to agree to learn more about your company and its products.

Simply put, we turn strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers.

With our solution, you will receive 400+ self-qualified and company specific targets per month delivered to your inbox for follow up while branding you and your business to 4,000+ targeted companies a month.


Event/Trade Show Outreach

You invest substantial capital on these events.

Why not have the right people at the right capacity complimented that?

Our strategy allows you to drive relevant traffic to your show and open up sales opportunities after.


Marketing Lists & CRM Clean Up

Do you need D&B quality lists without the annual contract?

Maybe your existing CRM just needs a good spring cleaning?

We will provide you with custom lists with no contracts at 90% list integrity or better.

Our Team

  • Testimonial


    Chief Executive Officer


    Kelvin has been heavily invested in the Market Research and Lead Generation space for the past 14 years. He has been extensively involved in the Strategic, developmental, analytical, operational and managerial aspects of this industry and has a unique and critical role here at LeadsBIXample. He ensures that the company is never out of touch with the best practices of the Executive Appointment Setting and Lead Generation marketplace.

    Prior to LeadsBIXample, in the capacity of VP of Strategy and Business Development, he had the dual responsibility for managing both the strategic direction of the firm and its business development activities. This combination of daily client-facing work coupled with his internal responsibility to help “steer the ship”, affected a significant increase in the firm’s market share and client base. In that role Kelvin also developed and executed the internal and external business development models to meet the criteria of a Premium appointment setting firm.

    Also, in the capacity of Director of Operations, Kelvin created and implemented strategies that evolved a five-person lead generation company into a full-scale business development firm – doubling the company’s revenue in two years. Working at a start-up means that you need the skill sets and commitment to manage, coordinate, create and analyze everything – everyday!

    Because of his passion for Strategy and ‘getting it right the first time’, Kelvin pursued and received his Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University, another fantastic benefit for both LeadsBIXample and the clients we serve. He is a Zealot about Analysis and is Fanatical about an Economic and Efficient Process. Above all, he is a Great Communicator and a Client Enthusiast.

    Whenever we are in the discovery stages of new projects or working on new ideas for a client program; and want to ensure that all the right questions are asked and that the right issues are being covered, Kelvin takes on the role of “client advocate.” This role ensures that at the end of the process, it is our clients who achieve the highest and best outcomes.


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    Chief Operating Officer


    COO at LeadsBIXample. Sales and Marketing executive with over 40 years in software and system design, primarily for the transportation and telecommunications industries.  Held positions in technology, development, marketing and sales.  Long term global assignments in Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark and Japan.  Ability to interface with all levels of management, press interviews, conferences and tours.  Accomplished leader in Public Relations communications, coordinating media plans and able to develop and execute large press and analyst relations strategies. Exceptional ability to develop and maintain influential relationships.

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    Chief Commercial Officer


    As  Chief Commercial Officer for LeadsBIXample, Michael Morris directs strategy, marketing, sales, solutions development, and key growth strategies.

    Previously, Michael served in lead sales roles where he trained new business development reps and helped to change the methodologies in place at Lead Generation firms that catered to companies such as Avaya, Nortel, Microsoft, and Oracle.

    Michael joined LeadsBIXample in 2010 to serve as Operations Director where he was responsible for assisting Kelvin Francis in building the strong foundation that the company stands on.

    A native of the Greater Philadelphia Area, Michael is a classically trained music producer, a certified dog trainer, and part time web designer.



Providing Sales Qualified Leads
Providing Market Qualified Leads
Increasing Your LinkedIn Presence
Marketing Lists & CRM Clean Up
Event/Trade Show Outreach

Our Clients

We have years of experience providing sales support services to top quality companies throughout the World. Proven accelerators for your sales processes.
  • Testimonial
    Mike Ryan, President & CEO at IFS

    “IFS has counted on LBIX to assist us in developing new business opportunities with target prospects. They have been highly successful in developing in person appointments with key decision makers resulting in new and profitable relationships for IFS. The LBIX team of professionals is highly skilled, talented and results oriented and have proven to be a key component of our new business development efforts.”

  • Testimonial
    Ed Callahan, CEO of Coherent Consulting

    "Kelvin employs the Japanese concept of "Kaizen" (continuous improvement) in his company LeadsBIXample. Kelvin eschews the volume approach of the appointment setting industry. Instead, he first spends time, on his nickel, understanding your needs, goals and business philosophy and then he defines and executes a pilot program to validate both his and your assumptions. Only then, after both of you examine the results and use them to refine the approach, will Kelvin recommend a full implementation with clear, time-based objectives. In my case, he was willing to define, with me, a completely unique approach to appointment setting based on LinkedIn's concept of trusted networks. If you are dissatisfied with other approaches, or just believe there ought to be a better way, you should give Kelvin call."

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