11 Tactics That Can Help Drive Your ABM Process

Account-based marketing has gained ground all over the world as more companies have realized how important it is to keep up with this trend. Although most companies have been using this kind of marketing for a long time now, it was only recently that the term account-based marketing was coined. Companies have realized that there cannot be a one size fits all approach for any account-based marketing service, therefore, different companies will need different approaches to their process to succeed.

Here are 11 tactics that can be used by companies to drive their ABM processes

Develop Prospect Specific Offers

Prospects feel more compelled to open content that is designed specifically for them. Hence, it is better to create offers and content that is personalized for the target account. As an account-based marketing program will have only a selected number of target accounts it is easier to create content that is relevant to that account and thus allows for a higher rate of conversion.

Develop Sales Offers for Promoting Meetings

ABM processes can be highly efficient in making sure that the prospect agrees to a face to face meeting or even a conference call. These are Sales offers that should be designed in such a way that it can help the inside sales teams to get meetings with the prospect. It can be as simple as trying to offer them a more detailed analysis of what they are doing as compared to their competition or even details about what other companies in their industry are doing.

Retarget Dead Opportunities

Retargeting is a great way to keep your company etched in your prospects mind. By keeping a track of what content they are paying more attention to and the kind of ads that they are clicking on you can get a gist of what they are looking for. This helps you reach out to them with a solution that your company offers. A prospect that is retargeted to your website for the second time is more likely to make the purchase as opposed to someone who has visited your profile for the first time.

Personalize Your Websites Experience for Your Prospect

Advancements in technology allow businesses to create personalized landing pages for their prospects. ABM requires the conversion rate to be very high. The more personalized the experience of the prospect on your website the more likely they are to make the purchase. However, it is important that you make sure that you are not going too far.

Send Direct Mails to Executives

Direct mail has been one of the marketing tactics that has been used on a large scale, however, as digital marketing emerged the use of direct mail slowly died. As a matter of fact, the direct mail kind of marketing is a good idea in order to target higher executives of your target companies as most executives would not really respond to an offer that is made to them over Twitter or any other social media site.

Understand What Matters to Your Prospects Through Social Media

Social media has been a boon to the marketing industry. You can use it to find out what your prospects problems are and offer them personalized ways of solving these problems. Companies can also set up customs alerts for their prospects in order to keep up with the happenings of that prospect.

Create Sales Territories

Before the sales territories were defined according to where the sales persons were located. With the growth of digital forms of communication, the world has come closer together and communication has become very easy. This has allowed for sales territories to be assigned according to who can close a sale in a particular region.

Use Multi-Tiered Outbound Prospecting Sequences

Most marketers make the mistake of believing that contacting only one person at a particular target company is enough. However, even if a single person is responsible for the final decision it can be influenced by others around him. By targeting multiple persons in the company you can help push the decision in your favor. Building a database that is role-based or based on the responsibilities of the contacts can help the build account-based models that have the right contacts.

Purchase Webinar And White Paper Leads For Target Accounts

Previously leads were differentiated on the basis of size or location of the company or the title that the target contact held. Nowadays media companies that sell leads let companies choose to classify leads on the basis of the name of the company. Although the cost per lead may be higher, in this case, the probability of converting the lead is considerably higher in account-based marketing.

One on One C-level Campaigns

The goal, in this case, is to match the employee reaching out to the client with the level of employee at the target account, for example, a CEO can reach out to CEOs and so on. After the initial contact is made the sales representatives or VPs can take over the rest of the process.

Get Connections to Contacts from Employees Other than Sales

Business owners often overlook the fact that people other than the sales team could have connections at the target company. If they are lucky there could be an employee who personally knows someone at the target company and that can be their in.

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