Successful Account-Based Marketing and How to Achieve it

B2B lead generation involves a lot of account-based marketing (ABM) and is definitely a topic that has been making a lot of noise in B2B circles. ABM may include something as simple as an email drip campaign, but can also include something like sustained, comprehensive and integrated programs that will make use of multiple channels. I

Any successful ABM campaign needs to have certain common characteristics to be successful. These include:


  • Integrity:


Integrity is important in order to make sure that your target contacts receive a consistent and cohesive message through multiple channels that you may choose.


  • Segmentation:


Next, it is important that any communication involved in the process is segmented so that it is relevant to an individual account and decision maker/role to a maximum extent possible.


  • Content-Driven:


Also, the ABM has to be content-driven so that it can drive engagement and dialogue with the target contacts. The content involved should be creative and effective.

  1. Sufficient Duration:

It should be of minimum but sufficient duration so that the success doesn’t depend on its timing but on its consistency and education of the targeted contacts.

If you are looking to integrate Account-Based Marketing into your demand generation mix, here are a few steps that will help you to develop and execute an ABM program successfully.


  • Recognize your target Accounts


You begin by identifying your targets. This can be done either through predictive modeling or sales input. Through predictive technology, you can identify the accounts that have the maximum potential of being converted, though you may also target the accounts that are just on the list.



  • Developing a Relevant Offer Content


Next, the important step is where you identify and develop a critical mass of relevant offer content that supports your campaign. This content is very specific and relevant to target roles, like Power User, Economic Buyer, Internal Champion, Technical Buyer, etc.

The content should be very clear and concise, and should appeal to your target.



  • Finalizing concrete and quantitative goals


Further, you need to establish your goals for the campaign. You will have to have a very clear idea of how you are going to measure success. What will be your key performance indicators (KPIs) and how will you measure them?

Once you have your goals identified, it becomes easy to decide on how to achieve them.



  • Identifying your channels and tactics


To get the desired results, you will have to identify the right channels and methods. A multi-channel, integrated approach is said to be the most effective.  Below listed are the few possible channels for ABM.

  • Email Drip campaign that will include proactive, outbound email and direct email to the targeted contacts.
  • Display advertisements through ad networks to target another list of ideal contacts.
  • Social media advertising targeted at the specific audience. This can be done through paid advertisements on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with ‘custom audiences’ feature.
  • Using the paid search advertising on Google with ‘customer match’ program.
  • Telemarketing outreach.
  • Real-time Web personalization that will deliver account-specific and industry-specific content on the main website of the advertisers or on campaign-specific landing pages.

There can be more channels of your choice and as per your need.


  • Relevant creative development


Once you have completed the above steps, you will now need the relevant creative implementation via the channels you have chosen.



  • The right sales targets and other important triggers


Next, you need to implement the right sales targets and other triggers depending on the campaign engagement or Web visits by the target accounts.



  • Making a campaign calendar


This is important for outlining your plan and defining what you wish to achieve and when.

The Bottom Line

Before you invest in the Account-Based marketing, you must know why you are doing so. Though ABM is a much talked about topic in B2B circles, that isn’t a good reason for you to undertake or invest in it. You must, first, understand how it works.

ABM can play a vital role in driving opportunities at high-value accounts. If you are targeting a cohesive, integrated demand generation mix that strikes a balance between the inbound and outbound tactic, ABM can be of a great help.

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