B2B Appointment Setting Pilot

The Proven Process That Works – B2B Appointment Setting Activation Funnel

LeadsBIXample Market Research and Database DevelopmentStep 1: Market Research and Database Development

We do a thorough assessment of the marketplace and your positioning so we completely understand all aspects of your sales mix – including key selling features and how each affects those segments of the market you’re after. As well, we set up and manage a database that becomes an important source of ongoing business intelligence.

LeadsBIXample Prospect TargetingStep 2: Prospect Targeting

From our Market Research we identify target segments and prospects to develop a profile for each. We take this stage to an extraordinary level of detail to create re-usable contact management systems. This builds the foundation for maximizing lifetime value from each prospect.

LeadsBiXample Campaign ModelStep 3: Campaign Modeling

We then create the QA Prospect Experience Model, and, through role-play and situational modeling we develop the optimal context to nurture this lead. In this way we model a series of scenarios where we do the necessary preparation (and rehearsal!) to put the best professional foot forward to achieve success.

LeadsBIXample Pilot ProgramStep 4: Test Pilot Program

With a Plan in place we conduct a small Pilot to fill in the gaps. The feedback at this stage invariably provides the fine-points’ learning that leads to success. We’ve seen it many times: there are subtleties in learning from the Pilot that produce breakthrough results!

LeadsBIXample ExecutionStep 5: Execution and Iteration

Our LEADSBIXAMPLE ACTIVATION FUNNEL is managed by trained Business Development Coordinators. They have identified strategic industry segments and qualified decision-makers as prospects. They have modeled the different scenarios that occur in making contact with your future customers. They have rehearsed their role. Following a test-Pilot stage, they are ready for success. It’s a proven process that works.

How We Do It –



  • Set the opportunity criteria and define an acceptable outcome.
  • Select the marketplace and product/solution to be represented.
  • Provide us a point of contact and a training session/review before we start.


Then WE (using your criteria):

  • Will procure the most relevant marketing list for your campaign.
  • Will create and perform the interview to provide context for the message, background, prospect intake questions and value proposition.
  • Will review all your media, sites and collateral to create a solid foundation.
  • Will create talking points to navigate all components of your offering.
  • Will assign a team of retired executives and senior consultants to communicate on your behalf
  • Will go to work to provide you with sustainable and qualified sales opportunities.
  • Will commit to transparency and accountability through every aspect of the process.

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