For Consultants

LeadsBIXample Would Like To Partner With You

We believe that consultants play an important role in steering their client in the direction that will bring the best business outcomes to their organization.

Your value is oftentimes based on trust and competence but results do play a large role in that relationship.

What we’re proposing can contribute to just that.

We have successfully forged mutually beneficial relationships with consultants like yourself both for our clients as well as theirs and would like to explore those possibilities with you.

It’s obvious that cold calling is a vital part yet the most grueling function of the sales process. We have accepted that fact, embraced its necessity and treated it as a process within the process. With the inclusion of market research and the Six Sigma Philosophy we have made it intelligent again.

By using a unique combination of market research and targeted outreach strategies we are able to uncover exclusive, timely and qualified sales opportunities for our clients. Whether it’s supporting an event or teeing up appointments, we are able to offer our clients multiple sales support options ranging from pilot programs to build-your- own projects to achieve their goals.

We will leave that up to you to decide. Vet us – period. We welcome a conversation that allows you to understand our value proposition, lift the hood on our offerings and gain confidence that a partnership with us will bring benefit to your clients. For credibility, our CEO will take the hot seat, and only then we become worthy.

How the partnership works

We know that an incentive is not what would drive you to propose a great solution to your client. However, we do believe competence and good instincts have value and one of the best associates of a beneficial relationship is ‘Mutuality’. So here’s the offer:

  • Success and a guaranteed ROI on every project.
  • 5% commission on every hour billed for the life of the project.
  • $300.00 bonus + commission on any post pilot engagement.

If your client operates in the B2B space, we will be an accountable and thoughtful partner to you.

To learn more about the LeadsBIXample difference Click Here  I would like to schedule a brief call between us or maybe a cup of coffee, to learn about each other and explore this dynamic. Please let me know the best way to proceed.

Bidding you success.

Kelvin Francis – CEO, LeadsBIXample