Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose you over other appointment setting companies?

Our process, our people, accountability. Our process incorporates a methodology based solely on your criteria. You define what a qualified lead is and that’s what you get back. Our seasoned staff will take the time to know you and become you before we perform for you. We will stand behind our commitment and product and be accountable to you. And because we are performance driven, that matters.


Can you guarantee your results?

Yes we can because you get to define what success is. We will discuss with you all the elements of success of the project beforehand and be very transparent throughout. We understand without an ROI there is no relationship and will design the project to accomplish just that.


Who is making the calls?

All American and English speaking staff. Depending on the package you choose or target market you want to operate in, you will have options. Use our Tier 3 – (industry specific retired executives) for more complex sales to our Tier 1 reps (college educated/highly skilled) for less demanding projects. Whatever the initiative, we will have the partner for you.


What is the cost of your services?

It will depend on your initiative and the option you choose. We have a monthly retainer model, partnership model with a reduced hourly rate coupled with a percentage of the sales yield, pilot programs, a la carte menu; build your own project or blocks of hours for specific initiatives. Our rates also depend on the market you choose. See our package options or call for a customized quote.


How quickly can you launch a project?

We can launch within a week for smaller projects and 2 weeks for larger and more complex ones. Our process to launch will guide you through that process/ Our team will work with your team to ensure that transition is seamless and your involvement is limited. Bottom line, we will work with your schedule to accommodate your agenda.


How would you define your method?

Our mission is to develop a blueprint for sustained ‘New’ business opportunities to support your sales agenda. The model is based solely on two core philosophies – The Criteria of the Client guided by The Voice of the Prospect. LeadsBIXample will chase, brand, and engage your prospects using your industry knowledge and their feedback to calendar well qualified sales appointments.