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Event/Trade show Outreach

You invest substantial capital on these events. Why not have the right people at the right capacity complimenting that? Our strategy allows you to drive relevant traffic to your show and open up sales opportunities during and after that event.

Whether you put on a webinar, perform an agenda specific survey or exhibit at a trade show the opportunities you gain will be determined on who shows up, how many of them do and how you engage them before, during and after. We will provide you with a sound pre and post event strategy that ensures the right kind and amount of relevant individuals attend and engage you at and after your events.

You also have the option of setting up appointments during these events (trade shows) with key individuals to maximize face time opportunities with these executives.

Call us to discuss your initiative and learn more details about our event strategy and deliverable.

Market List

Marketing List/Database clean up

Do you need D&B quality lists without the annual contract? Maybe your existing database just needs a good spring cleaning. We will provide you with custom lists with no contracts at with integrity of 90% guaranteed.

  • No more getting stuck in long term contracts  Tell us what you want and how much of it – we’ll deliver it.
  • No more buying expensive lists or subscribing to high priced exclusive resources. – Good data can be developed into great data – allow us to procure it for you.
  • It’s frustrating, wasteful, and time consuming to work with bad or outdated data. However, discarding an abyss outdated databases from your CRM and starting over isn’t always an option. – We will take your stale or dated data and return a current and proprietary database at   a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Simply put – if you need a specific marketing list for a project or need to sustain a long term initiative, we have the flexibility and relationships to get you what you need. What’s even better is that we provide our clients marketing lists on all of our projects at cost, no up-charge – savings that we gladly pass along to our partners.

If you’d like to place an order now click here.

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  • Testimonial
    Mike Ryan, President & CEO at IFS

    “IFS has counted on LBIX to assist us in developing new business opportunities with target prospects. They have been highly successful in developing in person appointments with key decision makers resulting in new and profitable relationships for IFS. The LBIX team of professionals is highly skilled, talented and results oriented and have proven to be a key component of our new business development efforts.”

  • Testimonial
    Ed Callahan, CEO of Coherent Consulting

    "Kelvin employs the Japanese concept of "Kaizen" (continuous improvement) in his company LeadsBIXample. Kelvin eschews the volume approach of the appointment setting industry. Instead, he first spends time, on his nickel, understanding your needs, goals and business philosophy and then he defines and executes a pilot program to validate both his and your assumptions. Only then, after both of you examine the results and use them to refine the approach, will Kelvin recommend a full implementation with clear, time-based objectives. In my case, he was willing to define, with me, a completely unique approach to appointment setting based on LinkedIn's concept of trusted networks. If you are dissatisfied with other approaches, or just believe there ought to be a better way, you should give Kelvin call."